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I know several folks with aging is producing the watery eye syndrome...
Producing tears is a normal bodily function.When eyes shed too many tears for seemingly no particular reason, it is usually the result of watery eyes dis-ease. This bothersome condition can interfere with daily activities, like driving and reading, and in the worst case scenario.

Massage: Believe it or not...It is possible to massage those tears away. If the overproduction of tears is caused by narrowing or blockage of the tear ducts, which prevent the tears from draining, a gentle massage will help open them to promote flow. If blockages are not dealt with, they may lead to eye infections. It is a lengthy process, but it is recommended to massage the corners of eyes several times per day. with clean hands of course. Dorris Wedding cocktail wears in navy blue

Baby Shampoo: Yes, Baby shampoo does more than just clean baby hair. It works to treat conjunctivitis. This condition, commonly called pink eye, causes inflammation of the eye and makes the white of the eye pink in color. It creates an excess of tears to try to fight the irritation so nipping it in the bud cures both problems. The shampoo should be diluted with warm water and used with a cotton pad to clean the eye area.

*** Castor Oil And Vitamin A: Dry eyes and excess tear production seem like an oxymoron, but that is what happens in this condition. Castor oil, an ingredient in commercial artificial tears, can be dropped into eyes at bedtime. Alternatively, vitamin A drops provide similar results.

Vitamin C And Vitamin E: Combat watery eyes with a good dose of vitamins C and E is recommended. They can be easily consumed through a healthy diet including vitamin C and E-rich foods like oranges, bell peppers, almonds, and raw seeds.

Warm Pack.... or eyes can be rinsed easily with only a splash of warm water and gently wiped with a soft cloth.
BeWell ~Love Dr. Inyanga