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People think shouting the loudest amen will bring about what they wish for! Its true

The bible says I will provide for your every need according to my riches in glory in Jesus Christ phil 4:19

But the reason why so many church goers remain poor even after shouting the loudest Amen at the preachers proclamation of riches, husband, wife, business success, healing etc is because thier motives are wrong.
Remember that while man looks at our actions, God looks at our motives.

The bible says seek first the kingdom of God and its righteousness and every other thing shall be added unto you! Matt 6:33

Now most Christians get this wrong. Instead they seek first the money, good health, promotion, success, marriage, children, you name it. But the kingdom of God is last on thier list!
The issue is that they reverse the situation to sooth thier needs. They forget that without righteousness and faith we can't please God hence somehow our prayers are kind of manipulative because we only pray so we get something in return! And once we get what we want, we go our separate ways untill when we need something else.The bible says God is not man and he cannot be cheated!!!! He is nobody's fool!!! No!. Dorris Wedding cowgirl wedding items for a country wedding

If we notice, during a prosperity preaching (preaching on how to receive blessings upon blessings, Christians dont sleep and they are extra active shouting amen and receiving the holy Spirit everywhere. But when the preacher preaches on the Kingdom of God and how to attain righteousness for salvation, the Christians sleep, and look worn out and bored!
They even leave saying "Massa church be just dey dey somekind" but during prosperity preaching they say "Church was fire"

God cannot be cheated!!! Stop shouting amen at every proclamation of riches and blessings instead study his word, meditate on it day and night. live right and please him like Job did and he will bless you immeasurably.

# Purely written out of the inspiration of the Holyspirit.
# JesusisLord