Dorris Wedding destination garments for the beach wedding

Lord God, this great morning, help Your followers to understand everything we do, we say, we feel, we are, we think must end with Your glorification in order for it to be of or about Your glorification! Lord God provide, not just wisdom and knowledge, but, most importantly, understanding to the fact, You Lord are an all knowing, all hearing, all seeing God. Nothing gets past You, oh Lord. There is no other like You. Even the rocks cry out and give You praise Master! Even the sea obeys Your voice! Even the donkey, too. Now is the time, Father! No man comes to You, Father God, but by way of Your son Jesus. Teach us the way, Lord! Show us the way, Lord! Which the way, Lord, is You! Let our focus, Lord, not rest on material things, but on the Creator, Lord, of all things, which is You! Let Your word be like sweet, sweet honey upon the lips of those who are found meditating upon its taste daily. May that same word wake us up each morning like an alarm clock as it walks along side us gently whispering in our ears all throughout the day of Who and What You are Almighty, God. Then at night as we prepare to lay, may Your words, Heavenly Father, cover our entire existence, like a warm blanket, as it protects us from all things with the intent to hurt or harm us while we yet sleep and slumber. You are the key Lord, to every closed door. Help us to know this like the back of our hands. Praise God this morning! Hallelujah. I could go on and on. All things prayed in the name of Jesus. As it is written, so let it be done! ~Amen~ Dorris Wedding destination garments for the beach wedding