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MY LOVELY HOUSE BOY 30. Tunde: so what happened in
there, Me: not much, dad was telling me about Gov son*
dammy, dad is still insisting I should get married to him, I Dorris Wedding maternity and pregnant wedding dresses
was so angry when he was saying those words, wish he is
not my dad I would have insulted him **oh my God**
Tunde: its ok, now go call dad to come to dinning, Me ok,
Me: koko dad dinner is ready, Dad: ok shade I will be
there shortly, Me: tunde dad said he is coming, oh here he
comes, Dad: so 2morrow I will be living by 10am and
both of you should take care of the house till I return am
staying one week there and shade I will check on your
mother, Me: really I missed her she stayed too long am
missing the way she pets me i miss that dad, Dad: but I
do pet you too, Dad: I know dad but not the way mum do,
i sleep in her room we talk woman to woman dad, Tunde:
but dad do pet you too he gives you, your need, oh dad I
ve jotted what you will get for me, Dad: oh ok let me see
them, bring it so I can keep it, where I can see it, shade
how about you, Me: mine is ready, Dad: let me have both
papers, Me: ok dad, Me: please tell mum to come home
missing her, Dad: am ok with dinner lets' go up stairs to
arrange things that i will go with, Me and Tunde: ok dad,
Dad: goodnight, Tunde and Me: goodnight, Tunde: shade
am tired, Me: tired of what, Tunde: just tired I need rest
really need to go to bed on time, Me: oh ok I was thinking
it is about the pregnancy, Tunde: no please you ve given
me heart so am as strong as a lion now, Me: abeg go
joor lion look who's talking, am as strong as a lion, me
that is lady am stronger than you, Tunde: why won't you be
strong you know why, Me: I know why you are saying so,
cos am my dad's only child is that it, Tunde: yes na not
like me that we are 12 in numbers God bless you with,
this time I won't say silver spoon is golden spoon,Me:
hahahaha tunde you are funny, leave me, enough with this
your jokes, Tunde: na true na, no be true before, so shade
you are truly Pregnant I can't still believe it o, Me: don't
believe it o till my tummy is fully big, Tunde: 2morrow me,
you and gateman will be in this compound that means I
will be the father of the house Me: father my foot look at
him who's talking: Tunde: ofcos na, is the truth, Shade, we
ve stayed too long am feeling sleepy, please let's clear the
dinning, help me out, we both entered the kitchen as
Tunde wanted to go out of the kitchen i pulled him back
and started kissing him,i reached his joystick and he held
my bosoms, it was so warm, his dick was hard as ever,
Tunde: stop shade dad is around, Me: and so what, he
won't come down anymore, Tunde: inside his mind,
hmmmm this girl no dey fear again o, one dey ground and
she wan cause another one abeg make she leave me joor,
Me: tunde what's the matter, Tunde: shade I think this is
not the right time for this, am leaving for my room, Me:
ok I will come and join you in your room later, just be
alert I will sms you cos if I should knock dad can hear
and don't lock the door, ok go on, am still resting here,
tunde went up stairs, 30mins later,i sms him. Tunde: so
you are truely here, Me: you know it's been long we had
sex, I quickly went to tunde's bed undressed, we started
kissing, tunde reached my pussy with his hand and stroke
his joystick I can feel the the vibration of his joystick, I
quickly took off his boxer, we started having sex tunde
fucked me hard I was moaning like baby he was sucking
my bosom and squeezing the other one moving his
tongue towards my neck and ear I held him so tight,he
was pounding me fast none stop I was very wet, tunde
breathing heavily and moaning softly he held my legs
spread them as if he wanted to pull them out he came all
over me, Me: i'm leaving to my room now, 2morrow sleep
well i kissed him goodnight, Tunde: goodnight, the
following morning tunde woke up early, Tunde: koko,Me:
who's that at this early morning, Tunde: wake up shade
come and help me with breakfast you know dad will be
leaving 2day, Me: ok I will join you in kitchen later,
Tunde: ok but be fast about it, what's the time now, to 7
and dad said he will be leaving by 10am.Tunde: Where is
shade now, she is still in her room, anyway let me prepare
breakfast I can't wait for her, Tunde: oh here you come, so
you are here now, Me: what do you want me to help you
with,Tunde: anything you know we need for breakfast, after
we finished preparing breakfast me and Tunde went to our
rooms, 30mins later knock on Tunde's door, koko, Tunde:
who's that, Dad: it me tunde. Tunde: oh dad I will be right
there, Tunde: goodmorning sir, you dressed up so fast,
Dad: morning, get breakfast ready, Tunde: breakfast is set,
Dad: oh ok, is shade up from sleep, Tunde: yes sir, Dad:
you guys should join me for breakfast now, Tunde: yes sir
let me go and fetch her.
Dad: ok, Tunde: inside his mind, hope this girl no go
sleep again make she behave herself make dad no catch
her, Tunde: shade dad want us at the dinning, Me: ok I
will be right there, later i joined dad and tunde, Dad: you
people should take care of the house, tunde you are the
man of the house now, oh yes shade I ve ordered my
secretary to deposit money in your account for you and
tunde ok, Me: ok dad thanks, suddenly my dad's phone
rang, Dad: hello, oh yes, ok no problem bye bye, Me: dad
hope no problem, Dad: no sweet heart,a friend of mine
just called and said I should come and collect the money
for the business we did, so I need to go now from there to
the airport, me and Tunde: ok dad, Dad: get my
belongings inside the car tunde, Tunde:, yes sir, me and
Tunde saw dad off to his car, dad zoomed off, Me: tunde
do you know this pregnancy is really disturbing me,
Tunde: How???, Me:I'm weak and sometimes i feel dizzy,
Tunde: really, Me: really, that's all you got to say eh,
Tunde: ok sorry ma, are you happy now shade, Me: leave
me jare, let me go and take my bath tunde: we are all
alone in the house we can do whatever we want thank God,
we both went in the sitting room, two days after my dad
traveled me and tunde enjoyed ourself went places he took
me to see his parents. That night, Gov son* dammy: now
shade's dad had traveled, I think it is time for me to react
and kill tunde that useless house boy, he reached for his
pocket brought out his phone dialed his killer squad, Gov
son* dammy: hello jumo, Jumo speaks with Terrible voice:
who be this, Gov son: na me dammy, i get job for you,
you remember that boy wey I send una last time to kill,
Jumo: oga which boy, you know say you don give me
plenty job, I no fit remember, dammy: that house boy,
Juma: oh I remember now, dammy: you remember the
house wey he dey stay na, Jumo: yes na how I go forget,
dammy: abeg make una no make mistake this time oh,
you hear me, Jumo: no problem I go finish am I go skata
him head with my gun, oga you know the amount you go
pay us, Dammy: I know but make sure say una get him
down, Jumo: oga no shaking, Dammy:ok na later 2morrow
come see me for my house, Jumo: ok sir bye bye,