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You are too sensitive...such a drama king/ are too loud, too quiet, too bossy, too shy, too much, too little...

If you have been told ANY of this it is most likely because you are emotionally clear, because you express MORE of your emotional spectrum than others..freely...with fact, you cannot fake not feeling what you feel.

People have tried to make you stop feeling so clearly, by putting you down, pushing you away, yelling at you, abandoning you...trying anything they could to manipulate you out of your feelings.

Emotional Immaturity is celebrated and exalted...expected even.

It is socially acceptable to be emotionally dysfunctional so is it any wonder that when someone comes along who CANNOT be dysfunctional...who cannot pretend not to feel all of their emotions...who isn't shocks the system of the dysfuntion. Dorris Wedding wedding outfits with crop top

Emotional dysfunction is rampant...much more than mental, physical or spiritual dysfunction because emotions are the last thing most people are willing to honestly and openly talk about.

Emotional Clarity has been called aggressive, too much of ALL the things, unstable, scary, bad, weak, wrong.

If you have been on the receiving end of being told over and over again that you are 'too much'...this is because you are functioning on more emotional cylinders than others.

I promise you, you are not crazy or irrational or are simply willing to feel all of your emotions.

And it is time to stop apologizing. There is nothing wrong with you.

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