bat mitzvah gowns

When you get my age laying in the driveway underneath a car on jacks does not have the thrill in did when I was 18. Like my old friend Gary Stone says keep it simple. Transmission work filter, gasket & "o" ring and slopping through 7 quarts of trans fluid. Not fun. Sincerest thanks to Obed Portillo for his work today. Its been a year since the my GTP developed multiple issues. ABS check lights, a temp gauge that is lying through it face. Trouble shifting from 3 - drive. And now emissions test is due.

So I go out to the garage today to do some work on the car and I won't roll out to the driveway. The battery was dead and the passenger side front tire was flat. You guessed it the side against the garage wall. Again thanks to Obed Portillo, he helped me get it out of the garage, Jump-started the battery, did the transmission flush and gasket, filter and etc. Now on to the ABS warning lights / sensors. Then maybe get the emissions done. . . bat mitzvah gowns