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"You're seri...?" I was interrupted.
"Oh but don't tell the family about it. It's
enough that Samaar knows. Become
successful so I can boast about my son's
"I'm obviously joking." He said, laughing as
he went downstairs and I followed laughing
as well.
After half an hour, breakfast was ready and
just as my mother-in-law said... her husband
and sons attacked the sweets first.
"Ummi! You made baklava??" Subhee asked
like a kid. I'm so telling Aakifah about this. I
grinned to myself.
"No way! It looks amazing! Just as expected
from my mother!" Sheath said.
"Actually it's just as expected of your wife,
Sheath." His mother replied.
"She made it?" Sheath looked at me
surprised. "It tastes exactly like yours
though." He said taking a bite out of it. He
paused, and attacked the water jug just like
Subhee did. There were jalapeno chili
peppers sprinkled into each of their sweet
dishes... by me obviously with the help of
Sheath's mom of course. I grinned, trying to
hold back my laughter. As for, Sheath's
father.... there was no sweets so when he
finished eating it, he looked at me and gave
me a thumbs up.
"My dear wife, you should put Samaar in
charge of the baklava now since she's
mastered your techniques." He says in a
flattering voice in Arabic.
"NO! You can never touch baklavas again!"
Sheath replies huffing and puffing.
"I second that..." Subhee says sounding a
little sick.
"Calm it." I say calmly, passing Sheath a
regular plate of baklava. Their mom passes
Subhee one too and they eat in peace.
"Okay... that was better." Subhee says
looking better.
"I second that." Sheath says and we all
laugh. Mina and her husband left with Nuh
early in the morning to take Nuh shopping
and Falak went back to bed after helping
with breakfast.
"So what did he say?" I asked Sheath.
"Right... I forgot to tell you..." He said in an
uncertain voice.
"He said no??" I asked.
"He said yes!" He replied.
"No way..." I said under my breathe.
"Yes way..."
"No way!"
"I'm telling you yes, aren't I?" He said with a
grin on his face. I was fixing my hijab around
my head. I was already wearing my black
abaya because Sheath was taking me out to
eat. The last time we ate out was... I frankly
don't remember. I guess that's how long it's
After pinning my hijab down, I put my
thumbs up and he smiled.
"But don't tell anyone about it. Abba told me
to become it first so he can brag later on."
"So you're telling me, he's letting you do it
because he wants to brag about you?" I
asked, confused.
"Nah. He was just joking. But you me and
him are the only ones that know. Probably
mom too."
"What about the company?" I asked.
"He's going to talk to Subhee about it." He
W were going to leave in a couple more days.
Our trip to Canada was coming to an end.
Aakifah was sitting home, reading books
everyday, refusing to go out. When I called
her the other day, she told me she gained
two pounds stuffing herself with snacks and
reading books all day. I was sort of happy we
were going back because I finally knew what
I wanted to do just like Sheath. Well... it's not black girl prom dresses
like me and Sheath are going to be doing the
exact same thing but I guess it's worth a
"Are you going to seriously tell me that I have
to do all that for homework?" I asked John,
the guy that tutors me.
"Yup. Plus, you gotta work on the assignment
for your chemistry class tomorrow. So good
luck to you, my friend." He said, as he got up
and packed his bags. I don't remember
becoming friends with him though. What
ever happened to getting a girl tutor?
"You're no friend." I said, getting up. "You're
a monster."
My marks weren't at it's best so I asked my
friend Rose to hook me up with a tutor. But
he was all she could find. He was a nerd and
he was also Rose's boyfriend. My parents
were fine with it because I was in the
company of a club advisor. This was the
tutoring club and I was a member assigned
to John, a Chinese student with amazing
skills. After my mom found him calling home,
she demanded a huge explanation in private.
Then she told my dad about the whole
tutoring thing and he didn't mind it which
was totally cool. He always put education
first. Just like he didn't understand the full
definition of having a girlfriend/boyfriend, he
also didn't see anything wrong with this
whole tutoring thing.
After I leave the room, I bump into someone
holding a coffee mug. I was already a little
pissed off from before but now I had to deal
with this too. The coffee was all over my
hijab.. which was covering my chest.
"Wow... thanks a bunch. I was about to go
buy some perfume anyways." I said
sarcastically trying to clean it up.
"I'm sorry." The man said in a flat voice. He
sounded way too familiar. I just didn't feel like
looking up at him at all. It was Conner, the
guy that confessed and disappeared for the
better. I didn't even reply, turned around and
started walking away. I haven't seen him for
half a year but if I stay any longer, I might
have to deal with an awkward reunion.
"Yusra..." I heard his voice again but this
time closer. He was right beside me even
though I was walking as fast as I could.
"What, Conner?" I asked as I stopped and
looked down.
"I wanted to ask you something." He said
slowly and quietly. I almost couldn't hear a
word beacuse of all the chaos on the streets.
What was happening anyways? We both
looked around wondering what all the fuss
was about until we found our answer. We
looked at each other horrified. I was about to
scream out of terror but he grabbed my
hands and soon we were on the run just like
the whole crowd around us. Everyone
screamed and ran and they were all over the
The whole building was... on lock down.
An entire building in downtown was on lock