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Many of you probably haven't heard of why I haven't been in school.. on Tuesday night .. I went to bed and I had a little bump on my upper lip.. it just looked like a simple little pimple.. I figured it would be gone the next day.. well.. it wasnt.. it looked like this (the first picture) when I woke up the next day .. my mom immediately took me to the emergency room.. they told us that I had an infection in my lip.. I had put something on my lip to cause it.. in the second picture.. this is what it looks like now.. it looks like there's nothing but a enormous pimple.. I was told by the doctors that if the bump isn't gone by tomorrow that it will have to be cut open.. pretty scary.. bohemian style wedding collections on sale
But i wanted to clear the air of why I'm not at school.. since my ex wants to say I'm trying to commit suicide when clearly I'm not. :)