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Thank you Barack Obama for the fact that I woke up this morning. But for you, I might very well be dead.

You see, several years ago I got a cold. That cold developed into bronchitis and a sinus infection but because I had no health insurance, I had no access to decent medical care and was not given the proper antibiotics. The infection developed into pneumonia but I could not go to the hospital. I lost a beloved part time job and was not able to go to my full time job for wee ... ks. I was sick for almost 2 months. I did get well, but I have yet to recover financially.

Several weeks ago I began to suffer with severe allergies and a few days ago, I developed a secondary infection. But because I have insurance, I have seen a "doctor" (an NP) twice, and I am on medication. I have missed only two days of work and we will eventually get to the bottom of the allergies. I will not develop pneumonia. I will not lose my job. And I was able to attend perhaps the most important business meeting of my life. chic wedding selections with ruffle or ruching

I work hard but I do not make a ton of money. And I an no longer young. My Insurance is not free but it is manageable. My co pays are manageable. Please think about people like me before you vote against the ACA.

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