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Epilogue 11:- When my daughter registered her marriage on 30 April (2 months before the church ceremony), she walked up the aisle with her bridegroom into the registrar's office. At 1st, she also thought of doing the same again on wedding day, but i said i prefer to walk her up the aisle. I nearly missed the opportunity again when the gay pride parade in Budapest nearly prevented my arrival at the church on time!
The word bride translates historically to “role of cook." Bridegroom translates to “the man who is with the bride.” Romantic, right?
Well, it seems romance in marriage is a modern convenience of our era, like pizza delivery. While today the wedding tradition of walking up the aisle with your dad can be a super-special moment, “this custom stems from the days of arranged marriages, when a father’s looming presence was a good way to prevent the groom from backing out,” explains wedding historian Susan Waggoner. Apparently, dads intimidating dudes their daughters date is a custom as old as time.
And why exactly might the bridegroom back out? A bride was a “financial liability” who was essentially transferred from the household of her father to that of the groom!
When I posed the question “Did your dad walk you up the aisle and give you away to your husband?” to some of my feminist friends, Monique of Maryland says, “I couldn’t have it any other way. My father is such a strong and supportive part of my life. He taught me how to respect myself and how to love myself, so when it came time for my big day, he was the only one who could give me away.”
Others have chosen to have their dads accompany them up the aisle “on the long walk in a fancy dress and heels,” as Jessica of Texas puts it, but they interpreted it a bit more loosely than ye olde property transfer. “I looked at it not as ‘giving away’ but more as ‘letting go,’ symbolizing a transition into this next phase in not only my life but in my family's life as well,” explains April of California.
Some women were uncomfortable with the symbolism behind their dad walking them up the aisle, so they sought alternative ways to honor their relationships with their parents. Hyejin of Seoul, South Korea, explains that their mothers lit the ceremonial candle, and both dads helped officiate the ceremony. “Every word they said was so sincere and moving,” she says. “People appreciated it because it was unique, fresh, and fun to watch. I am still so glad we did that.” cocktail party garment suitable for ladies
In the Jewish tradition, both the bride and groom are accompanied down the aisle by both parents, a custom that many couples have adopted in the spirit of equality.
So, perhaps my son-in-law's mother was also thinking of the Jewish tradition and so she walked him up the aisle before i made my appearance?