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{Can I love you}
? Written by Sherry ?
? Episode 2 ?
The honeymoon is over and Rose couldn't deny she had fun, even if she didn't want to.
She wanted the world to think they're okay before she does what she has in mind to Nigel.
Nigel's love for her grows increasingly everyday, he's happy with his parents choice. Unlike most billionaires who are too possessive, he's a gentleman but that doesn't mean he's weak.
He's an athlete with good body build, girls drool over him but he just didn't see the right choice until he met Rose.
She changed everything for him, he sees his forever in her already.
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After the session of love making they had last night, he assumed Rose was asleep. He kissed her and went to dress up for work.
Rose was pretending to be asleep, she didn't want to show herself yet but she will later.
A maid brought her breakfast in bed prior to the boss's order, he had already left for work.
Rose had her breakfast and took her bath, she wore a black short gown.
A dress that exposed her cleavage and laps, she took her car keys and left the house.
Yes the car is from Nigel's parents to her on their wedding day, she now lives the life of a billionaire.
She drove to her boyfriend Kelvin's apartment, Kelvin isn't a billionaire but he's definitely good to go.
He runs his own Fashion house and he's so much in love with Rose.
It was hard to convince him but because he loves Rose, he decided to accept and wait for her.
She entered the building and went straight to his room, he was already waiting for her.
She smiled and walked up to him, they hugged and kissed passionately.
She sat beside him on the bed, he was watching a documentary on Netflix.
"How are you doing my love?" he asked stroking her hair.
"Bad, I've missed you" she replied.
"Me too baby" he said kissing her, he began touching her all over ready to pull her clothes off.
He's already hard, but she stopped him which left him confused.
"No Kelvin I can't do this" she said.
"But why my love?"
"You know I don't like sleeping with two men at once, I'm not a whore besides I'm married now" she explained.
He scoffed, "Does your marriage change anything?"
"We're legally married Kel, you know I don't do stuff like extra marital affairs. Be patient and understanding, it'll be over soon"
He groaned in frustration, "I need a drink" he went downstairs while Rose adjusted on the bed.
She just couldn't do it, she sighed and surfed the net on her phone.
The news of her massive wedding to the handsome billionaire is still trending.
"Whatever" she said and drops the phone.
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
She went back home before evening after visiting a few friends, her husband wasn't home yet.
She took a shower and changed, she had dinner and went back to her room.
She took a drink and cigarette pack, she started drinking and smoking while waiting for Nigel.
He came back a while later, he excitedly went to the room with the gift he bought for his wife.
He entered the room meeting a different story, his room smells like a burning bush and his wife is the one smoking it.
He still ignored that and went to hug her but she pushed him away, he gained his balance but is shocked.
"Darling what's wrong? Did I do anything wrong?" he asked.
"Listen to me Nigel, don't ever think of touching me or calling me that ever again! Don't even talk to me, because if you do I'm going to make you sorry" she yanked and left the poor Nigel dumb.
He stared at the diamond bracelet with him, he sadly puts it in his closet.
He went to take a shower while contemplating whether his wife is high or not.
She wasn't like this yesterday, what is wrong with her now?
Rose smiled at herself as she sat down at the bar drinking and smoking, she's gonna make his life so unbearable.
She just doesn't like him, she knows he can't divorce her because it's quite obvious he loves her a lot.
She's got Nigel Owens wrapped around her little fingers.
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[4/21, 8:03 AM] gbadamosi wasiu bidemi: ? The Wedding ?
{Can I love you}
? By Sherry ?
? Episode 3 ?
Nigel slept alone in the room still wondering if he offended her without knowing.
He decided to apologize to her when he comes back from work, he just checked on her in the other room and left.
Rose woke up and stretched herself with a satisfied smile, she likes what she did to him last night and more is to come.
She never wanted to be married to him, she still wanted to enjoy a little bit of her youth before having any commitments.
She had her bath and breakfast, then she dressed up to visit her parents.
She drove into the compound, the two maids working for her parents welcomed her as she stepped into the house.
She’s gotten used to big places so soon that she’s almost forgotten how her parents house looks.
Theresa rushed down on hearing her car drive in, she hugged her daughter with joy.
Rose hugged her back with a mutual feeling, Fred walked down and joined the family hug reunion.
“How are you doing my baby” Theresa asked.
“I’m fine but trying to tolerate my ‘husband’ the idiots so in love with me” She said sitting.
Fred smirked, “That’s exactly what we want to happen, I’m sure he’ll start putting you in his will”
Rose stared at them, “I don’t understand dad, is he gonna die?”
“No your dad means he’ll transfer everything to you, he’s not gonna die”
Rose got up and walked to the kitchen pretending to get a drink for herself, she knows her parents are hiding something.
She hid behind the stairs and listened carefully to them.
“You should be careful what you say Fred, your daughter saves lives and if she knows what is really wrong she might go soft” her mom warned her father.
“She’s not been at the hospital since two years, even her husband doesn’t know she’s a doctor. We can’t risk all that... I would be more careful” her dad replied.
She went to the kitchen and poured herself a juice, what’s going on? What do they mean by not letting him find out she’s a doctor. Is he in some kind of condition that a doctor is needed. Nigel isn’t telling her anything too, what are they all hiding?
She’s going to find out, she pretended not to hear anything and went back to the living room.
She spent some hours with her parents and visited her bestie Amelia, she spent some more time there and went home in the evening.
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
She decided to still continue with her attitude until she finds out what he’s hiding, she is going to get to the root of all these.
Nigel still got the same attitude from Rose even after begging her for what he doesn’t know. He felt so bad and heartbroken, Rose asked him to stay away from her but he couldn’t. He’s going to take her attitude until she decides to change because he loves her so much. He’s never wanted any girl the way he wants Rose, she has a special kind of effect on him. diamond wedding dresses
While thinking of these things, his heart beat increased, he started sweating under the air conditioning.
He quickly opened his drawer and brought out his drugs, he took it and felt his body relaxing. He shouldn’t be depressed about anything, it affects his health but what can he do? The woman he loves isn’t making it easy for him.
? Two months ?
Rose ate for the third time this morning, she’s been consuming a lot of food she doesn’t know why.
She went to the bedroom, she started to search around for her pills but didn’t find it.
She checked everywhere, even the bathroom. She decided to check Nigel’s drawer even if she doesn’t actually touch his things.
She found it there, she also found another bottle of pills, sort of a calming effect for a depressed patient.
Nigel’s using this? She searched more and found his medical records, She gasps and sits on the bed.
He’s very sick, and he doesn’t need to be depressed. She saw a document, his will.
She checked it and saw her name written in almost all the properties, she dropped it and held her head.
This is going to kill him, she can’t do this to him. She heals humans not kill them, she dropped them back and cried her eyes out.
She checked the pills and realized that her pain killers are what she has been using since.
She changed it on her wedding day to avoid suspicion but forgot to differentiate the bottles.
She cried more when she realized that she’s pregnant with Nigel’s child.
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