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According to Kiron Kher, the BJP MP and AnuPM Kher's wife, the Chandigarh gang rape victim should have never hopped onto the auto rickshaw when there were three men already inside it.

So what if the Auto Rickshaw did not have a sign saying "Rapists On Board", isn't it always the fault of the victim?

You girls make all the mistakes and then we guys HAVE TO rape you. And then you have the audacity to cry foul and blame us for it???? Oh Come on!!!

Don't you know that if you tempt us wearing short clothes or long clothes or even burkhas, getting into public transport when men are around, going out to discos or temples or anywhere where men are around, we men are forced to rape you???

Why do you girls have to put us innocent men through this?

Don't you know how hard it is for us to control our urges in the presence of females? Whether they are young or old or even babies? If there is a vagina around us, we are almost programmed to invade it, if not by our dicks by iron rods or anything available.

So please ladies, stop tempting us. And if you don't stop tempting us, at least don't cry like a baby when you get raped. We know you want it. We know you ask for it.

Stop these mental atrocities on Men.

Disclaimer: This post is written in the interest and in solidarity of all Men who are desperately trying to control their innocent rapist tendencies, while these damn wily vicious manipulative women are trying to seduce us into forcing our smelly grimy bodies on the top of them, just so that they can go complain about it later on. flower girl collections with lace