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Circulation Enhancer. The Circulation enhancer is a wellness product designed to enhance blood circulation in the lower limbs by just placing yours feet on foot pads, therapeutic electrical impulses stimulate the accupressure points on the soles of the feet and the muscle in the lower legs. Electromagnetic pulse therapy is outside the scope of chinese medicine,energy level high , so quickly get through venation , point , speed up blood stasis, swelling pain, strengthen muscles and balance the human biological field,enhancing human immunity and self repair ability,activatiing nerve cells and restoring transmission functions. Product Specifications. 1. Frequency Massager. ( 25 mode of massage ). Control By Remote and Push Buttons. 2. 99 kinds of electromagnetic wave intensity with continous adjustment. as desired byyou. 3.InfraRedHeating. 4. Slimming belt. 5. Electrodes. Benefits of Circulation Enhancer. The circulation enhancer is wellness products designed to provide benefits all parts of body. Relive tirness , aching legs , mucsle cramps , mucsle pain. Relief from insomania and cervical problems. Increase Blood flow. Increase oxygen intake. Aids in slimming and diabetes. Enhance detoxfication. Mode of Action. 1. Electromagnetic signals enter through skin cells, can stimulate excess fat, excess body fat lipase will accelerate the decomposition of fat, Calories. 2. Circulation Enhancer Stimulate cell movement is immediately dissolved orange peel fatty menbrane to stimulate blood circulation and lymph detoxification , lymphatic channels to be dissolved from the fat, up to date and excreated , keep the sebaceous glands , inhibit the growth of surplus fat. 3.Circulation enhancer let body waste and toxins emitted by the sweat glands and up to date. Make call membrane excahnge , updating-accelerate penetration and absorption of the human body to enhance collagen synthesis and regentration capacity so that the skin is smooth and elastic. 4. Circulation enhancer promotes blood circulation and blood moving , eliminate fatigue,soreness and sprain of foot. 5. Mitigation and prevention of rheumatism , arthritis and legs varices , relives muscles stiffness and pain , Improves sleep , reduce hemiplegia , stroke and periphereal ,nerve palsy. 6. Effective decomposition excess body fat cells . 7. Smooth Skin secreation , reduce local fat accumulation. 8. Increase lymphatic flow and collagen regentration. 9. Improves the orange peel so the skin is shiny strips. Most Important : Plasma function will effectively change the structure of germ or transform energy in your around , which will have the function to sterlizes clears up smoke and dust , dispel peculier smell and improve the air quality , so as to keep your health in good state. Infra Red Benefits. 1. Direct Heat 2. Resonance abosrbtion 3. Strong Penetration. 1. Activating cells , Water molecular resonance in body and oxygen content increases. Human resonance abosorption of far infra red make cell activation molecule ,in a high-energy state, the human body needs to accerlerate the synthesis of the enzyme , activation of protein and other biological macromolecules , thereby enhancing immune function , repaired damaged cells and enhances the human biological tissue regenration. Accounted for approximately 70% of the proportion of body water, but also constitute the major components , make water molecules resonanate by far infr red in body , the water molecules cracking , reorganizing into smaller water molecules , In this process the aging macromolecules abosrbed on the surface of the coeporation to remove dirt , and can increase the oxygen content of water molecules , therby enhance sports energy , which will help to eliminate toxins and excess body fat in order to achieve within support outside the health effects of weight loss. 2. Improves Microcirculation. The primary function of microcirculation is delivered oxygen and nutrients to tissue and take away the waste produced by metabolism. If this system can not operate normally , ther will be variety of illness. Such as rheumatoids arthritis , Cold Hands and feet , Limb Weakness , hypertension , Cardiovascular diseases , periarthrits , Cataract , the elderly and degenrative disesases. Far Infra red own high permeability characteristic , it can produce thermal effects deep into the subcutaneous tissues, combined with the water molecule have resoanance , expansion of capillaries can speed up the movement of blood , thus restoring vitality circulation. 3. Promotes Blood circulation and Enhanced Metabolism. As far infr red to improve micro circulation and dreadge veantion, but also blood flow accerlerate blood circulation and promote fresh blood into tissues and cell can quickly remove metabolic waste , human tissue vitality will be doubled. How to Use. For just 30 minutes daily while watching TV , relaxing or working at your desk, The Circulation enhancer can offer significant improvement to blood circulation. By using the conviniant remote control you have full control of intensity and duration of yours therapy. Target Specific Areas. The body Pads included allow you to target other areas to help ease pain and relax tense muscles. The Body pads are especially effective for use one the back, Knees, Elbows and shoulders. You can also apply them to different different accupressure points or use them to stimulate specific muscle groups. One Piece in One Box along with Slimming Belt , adopter , Electrodes and remote. full figure short length wedding wears plus size