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So I see you Communists enjoyed No Stacy November. Well, that shits over till the women and male feminists cry to an authority like little pinko girls again.

I am sure you have all missed micro/macro/mini and mega aggressions, and other non meaning postmodern jew type words from filthy Columbia.

Let's begin with facts stated in an antagonistic way, for a mid-tier aggression.

1. There is no such thing as hate crime or hate speech. Jews made it up for victimhood status, you will find most are committed by the supposed victim. This rate is higher with masculine lesbians and trans for some reason.

2. Might makes right.

Subversion and dishonesty, are feminine forms of violence. Mostly taught as a virtue in certain religions. (Oy! They know!)

3. Words can never hurt you. Unless you are a little girl or have little girl tendencies. Or if you are fighting the movie version of the Quizat Haderach and his guard, or a Lich with Powerword Stun or Kill. Embarrassment or shame is not pain. Being uncomfortable is not pain. Being in an awkward situation isn't painful either. Despite what Communist tell you.

4. People are not equal.

5. Cultures are not equal.

6. A) Male
B) Female
C)Some of both for many reasons.

Remember, you are put on the Earth for one reason. To make a better version of yourself to replace yourself before you recycle. You had one job.

It's not liquid. Fucking pick one. Also, the sexes are not equal. UK Survivor explains:

7. Canadian bacon isn't bacon fuck you if you say it is. It invites pineapple on things. Like pizza. That's fucked up and you should feel bad for doing it. Goddamnit.

8. Your favorite actor or actress had to do some demeaning, degenerate shit to be temporarily content inside. Probably had anal and marsupials involved. At the least, they had to watch a fat man "water" the plants.

9. California is Sweden. California, Yes! Nations were created for like tribes to hang together. Won't assimilate? Can't participate.

10. There were 14.7 million violent and property related crimes committed in the USA last year. Of those 6,121 were alleged hate crimes. 2 were strong dislike crimes and one was a crime of indifference. Kidding on the last two. Math tells us that hate crimes make up a 0.00041% of US crime. We seem to be focusing a disproportionate amount of resources on this dubious (Jews invented it, you know, like genital mutilation for new babies, Noah's Ark, Bird Bats and Trial by Ordeal) hypothesis of feelings based criminal malfeasance. Lets enforce the communist Control Act instead. Or fixing roads. Real crimes. how to get sexy wedding wears which won't cost much

Well, if you feel any of those 10 facts are wrong, no one cares how you feel.

Feminism with Bear Grylls Episode 1 Shelter is a tool of the