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What is the role of women in Judaism? Why is it different than that of men's? Judaism recognizes women's unique spirituality. This site explores these issues in depth.

I very much appreciate email. I like to incorporate people's letters into the site. However, if you decide to send me email, please be patient. I love to write, but I'm a mother first, so it might be a while before I answer. Those looking to be either a Shabbos guest or host get top priority.

Aishes Chayil: Mi Yimtza?
I've joined the ranks of the bloggers! Here's my daily struggle as a Hasidic woman trying to balance my family responsibilities with my passion for writing. It's more free-form and less polished than the articles listed below, but if you're interested, please feel free to have a look.

Beyond BT
This group blog contains essays from Jews like me, who were raised secular and chose to become religious on their own. Whether you're religious all your life, in the process of becoming so, or simply considering it, this is a good place to discuss the issues we face as we return to G-d.

On Equality
Some Jewish women feel they should wear talleisim and tefillin to "be equal" to men. This is a terrible mistake. Women ARE equal to men. Our spiritual paths do not have to be the same to be equal.

Taking It Back
Judaism delineates a specific dress code for women. The results of following it are to our advantage in a variety of ways.

The Jewish Facts of Life
Of all the misconceptions about Judaism, the ones about the Jewish view of menstruation are possibly the worst. This article debunks the myth of "uncleanliness" and explains the surprising and mystical truth.

The Kindness of Strangers
Hosting guests is one of the most widely practiced mitzvos amongst Jewish people. Find out how YOU can benefit from it.

Women and Leadership
Although Orthodox women do not hold the title "rabbi," their influence and leadership on Jewish life is unmistakable.

The View From Within
Many women are bothered by separate seating in synagogues. A focus within ourselves gives a different perspective.

Born in 1968
Probably everyone in America has something to say about the attack of September 11. Here are my thoughts on the subject of war, peace, America and democracy.

Singular Opportunities
An unmarried woman writes to ask where she can "fit in," both spirituality and socially, in our family-oriented religion.

The Essential Ingredient
For four and a half years, I was a stay-at-home mom. This article is about reclaiming the pride that rightfully belongs to the vocation of homemaking.

A Positive Expression
One blessing men say that stirs up controversy is: "Blessed are You G-d . . . for not having made me a woman." The true meaning of this blessing is more positive than meets the eye.

Monica Lewinsky and the Daughters of Israel
Monica Lewinsky is old news, but the message of this article is eternal. The Jewish woman is inherently holy. When Jewish women recognize this, they treat themselves with dignity rather than stoop to sin.

Mom and Me
Open letters from my mother and me about how families can bridge their differences in religious approach. Thanks, Mom!

The Gender of G-d
Is G-d male or female? Can G-d have a gender at all? What is the "Shechina?" Learn the answers here.

People often write to ask me to recommend them books. Because of that, I've always wanted to create a Recommended Reading List, but never got around to it - until now, that is. Don't take this is as a definitive list that will tell you everything you need to know about living a Jewish life. It's just a list of Jewish books I happen to like.


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