long floor-length bridesmaid wears in black

Pull back
Ali Azam Rony

Do not forget to lose -
Why it takes!
From within the chest
The vacuum is awake.

What's missing is the one who lost
When to find out
Past me from behind
Calling, listen, then.

See back lost
My long time;
Far away from the dull floats
Blurred memory.

To overcome it, the Maya Maya water
Cut in the weight,
So understand that,
The wave takes me to the ground.

That's my sunny sky
Soft dawn, flute of the field;
Noon in the river, bathing pool
It comes in the shadows.

Sports buddy
Peeps one by one;
Friends, family house
The lone flute, the hand crawls.

Spreading along the way on the way
That day is my morning watch
Losing the burden of sorrow
Want to come back that again?

The river fluttering trenching
In the memory of the left;
On that day, I flushed
Today is the door to the door.

The brick kiln pulls down
Let me ride;
Tackle the velocity to the back
Duma of memory

Suddenly hear, raise your hands
Calling the roar
Tension gets tied in the knot
Now return to the pit.

I can understand the mistake, more
Pulls yarn more
So that's going to go in front of me
Pulling back.

Gradually pouring day
The left side of the palm
That's why they are awake
Around me

I understand that your game
Hide me
By the same way I am dragged
The beginning of the end is in the end. long floor-length bridesmaid wears in black

My turn to tell me
Nothing is mine;
My start with you
You're the last decay