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Ifeoma got married in the year 2010,
from that time till now she has been
rocked with 10 heart breaking
miscarriages. To her, she blames the
terrible experience on the witches in
her village, she doesn't know that she
and the Nigerian dysfunctional system
is the cause of her predicament. I will
tell you how, seat back and enjoy this
brief lecture.
Have you ever heard of the word
Rhesus factor?
Rh factor is a protein that can be
present on the surface of the red-
blood cell. People that have the Rh
factor are Rh positive +, those who do
not have the Rh factor are grouped as
Rh negative-.
The + and - in front of the blood
group is the rhesus factor. So we A+,
A-, O+, O-, B+, B-, AB+, AB-. Rhesus
factor is genetic, it's gotten from the
parents emphatically the man.
Now that we are clear on what Rh
factor is let us move further to why I
said Ifeoma is the cause of her
miscarriages .
If you are Rh positive eg (a+, b+, o+,
ab+) you are safe, but if you are
negative eg (a-, B-, AB-, O-) you are
not. If are a male Rh - you are safe, if
you are a female you aren't safe. If
you a rh- woman and you get
pregnant for a man who is rh- you
are safe but if you get pregnant for a
man who is Rh+ you aren't safe.
Most people are Rh positive only very
few are negative, the possibility for a
rh- woman to find a rh- man is slim,
that's where the problem lies.
Let us assume Ifeoma is rh- and
during her school days she aborted a
pregnancy, the man who got her
pregnant then was rh+, obviously her
baby was rh+.
During abortion, the rh+ blood came
in contact with her rh- blood. That
was the beginning of her problem.
Once rh- comes in contact with an rh
+, a certain antibodies are activated.
This antibodies are activated to stop
anything they think is a threat from
coming into the body. E.g a baby. A
rh- woman with an activated
antibodies would keep having
miscarriages, the antibodies would
keep fighting and taking off any
foetus. The woman might end up
childless and if not properly informed
might think she is under a demonic
oppression, she will be spending
nights in Churches out of ignorance.
She may even think that God has
forsaken Her.
Women with activated antibodies are
RH sensitized and once this
antibodies are activated it can never
be deactivated until the woman dies.
Antibodies are activated in a rh-
woman by abortion, ectopic
pregnancy, miscarriage and child
During child birth of a rh- woman
who got pregnant by a rh+ man,
children inherit their rhesus factor
from the man so once the baby's rh+
comes in contact with the woman rh-
during delivery the antibodies are
immediately activated so after that
particular child birth the woman
would keep having miscarriages
because the activated antibodies
would as usual fight off any foreign
The antibodies can be stopped from
being activated by administering an
injection known as Rh
Immunoglobulin to a negative woman
The injection is administered 28wks
into pregnancy, 72 hrs after delivery,
after ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage
or abortion. If it's not administered
and the antibodies are activated, it
would never be deactivated.
Because our dysfunctional health
system doesn't promote proper
rhesus factor sensitization, Ifeoma is
left helpless after one mistake.
Mothers tell your girls and sisters, a
rh- girl must be extremely careful.
Because of the very small number of
rh- people, it's extremely rare to find a
rh- man. The possibility to get
pregnant for a rh+ man is high. Once
she gets pregnant for a positive man
and rushes to have a quick abortion,
she might have as well jeopardized
her future for life.
Apart from this, a woman with a
negative rhesus factor has no
problem. it can however be controlled
with rh Immunoglobulin injection.
A rh- man or woman cannot receive
blood donation from a rh+. it would
lead to death as the blood would
immediately clog and cake.
Operation know your rhesus factor
today. Check into any near by hospital
and test your blood group
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Please still be aware of your blood group to avoid given birth to children with Sickle cell aneamia. mother of the bride or groom dresses in gold color