off the rack wears for bridesmaid

for people who have noticed I lost weight
Judy's story wonderful!!
"I am so excited. For the first 8 weeks I just used tru fix and tru control. Two days ago I added rePLACE, reform, renu, and heart and hydration. I talked with my doctor three times last month. First for my check up, and she told me I didn't have any signs of diabetes. Two weeks ago she had me come in again for blood work. All of my blood work was completely normal. Thursday she had me come in again. She was like wow, your blood work is like wow. Ah?mmm. She is in shock. For these reasons. I had multiple health issues. Asthma, sleep apnea, heart problems(almost died. Several times in june and july. Hospitalized three days one weekend, and emergency two other times). Diabetes needing insulin and pills. My legs were hurting swollen and hurting all the time. I had three puncture wounds on my lower leg that wouldn't heal. July 15th I started on tru control and tru fix. To my doctors scale I went from 247 to 224. My scale 247 to 213. Not sure which one is accurate, but either way I lost inches. I have been sick for 28 years, 100% disabled. I feel like I am in my 20's not 50. God uses herbs to heal us. Supplements that are wow. WOW! I am amazed. I would be still be sick, and not sure the way I was heading. I was in the grocery store today this diabetic man had lost his toes. I couldn't hold it back. I shared my story with him. I can only pray I can help others the way my daughter helped off the rack wears for bridesmaid