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# on_a_lighter_note

There is a spirit in food Sha..... Especially jollof rice... It is called the spirit of war o.... Because I have been wondering why men on suit cannot be trusted when it comes to food

'I twear e yaf not reach my hand.... With oil stains on their sleeves....'

Even slay queens and women on gele will beat somebody for jollof rice.... Ah

You will see well dressed people keeping malice because of food......

You prepare 1000 packs of food for 700 guests.... Food will finish and 200 persons will show up and say they have not eaten..... Please still trying to understand if coolers naw have legs....

Sometimes I just wonder how many packs of food I will have to prepare for my wedding..... Maybe 5000 packs for 1000 guests....i don't know ooo..... I shall don't want people keeping malice with me because of jollof..... God forbid I naw hear food yaf finish and 500 guests have not eaten...... We just know the end has come!!!! short vintage wedding dresses

You don't have to eat in an event!!! The food in that party cannot sustain you all your life.... So why disgrace your country because of amala #50? Why? Some people will stick carry travelling bag to events to carry every food shared.... Why??????

If food didn't get to you.... You can go home and cook a good meal to your taste or rather visit the nearest eatery and help yourself!!!!

We don't have to lie about food and begin to fight for jollof that cannot make Chelsea fans happy despite their loss tonight......... Looool

I rest my case!!!!!