sleeved maid of honor wears that is modest and conservative

This week the "5k to 10k" group explored intervals and run-walk strategies. After our warm-up with cariocas (grapevines!) we went out for 8-minute 'effort' runs - which included some fast feet - interspersed with 3 minute walk / recovery intervals. Listening to the signals from our body helped us identify tiredness, and reviewing our heart rate and breathing recovery times on the slower sections enabled us to gauge our fitness overall. We used this time to triage our bodies, sleeved maid of honor wears that is modest and conservative ... loosen any areas of tightness, improve form and prepare for the next harder session. In our cool-down we added Salutations, and then added step-ups to our core exercises (3 weekly sets of 10 reps, switching feet between each up and down).

Homeworks for this week:

1. parkrun or a similar gentle run (max 5k / 35mins or so)
2. A longer endurance run with 4 x Fast Feet. If you wish, use the option to pre-plan a run-walk strategy, particularly if there are hills.

We met up with Snails Debbie and Angie afterwards, who told us about the 10k which Debbie is organising in Chew Magna in early November. More details to follow when we have them - and wear Neon!

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