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…by Poetic Tee “Here, take a sip”

To love a woman, you need time
Plenty of it, not necessarily dime.

A woman needs mainly attention
Wrong move, put her on suspension.

Show her how much you care
Even if you have park of lions to dare.

Make her laugh, smile a lot
Don't be one of those boring lot.

Be ready to leave everything
To get her something or even nothing.

Blow sweet-nothing into her ears
If you're able to get that close, call her "Dear".

To love a woman, engage her interest
All her whims and desires, feed ‘em with no rest.

Best dress for a woman, shyness
But alone with you, let her be wild! A seductress.

She's often a bag of confusion
Most especially in handling her own emotions.

If she asks of you, give
When she annoys, her company briefly leave.

Don't be too available
Once in a while, let her be... Abstain, travel.

Remember, celebrate her "Importants"
Birthdays, anniversaries make a constance.

To love a woman, support her
When there's a need to, hesitate not to stop her.

Take her out to 'Dinner for two'
Get cozy, hugs, kisses, bae to boo.

Sometimes it's apt, make her cry
Tears of joy of course, dance on her smile, fly.

Sniff her fragrance, it's overpowering
Fresh, clean, a sweet Thaniara flowering.

Talk to her constantly, brashly
Not out loud, but gently don’t, harshly.

Never stop convincing her of your love
If you cease, your importance on her will move.

To love a woman, tender an apology
Whether you’re wrong or right. It’s a strategy.

Look into her eyes, so enchanting
Do you see her alluring love pool, shimmering?

Take her on a fantasy voyage
Once she hops on, you'll both forget your age.

Buy her unique and rare stuffs
Cheap or priceless, it’s the spirit, not lies or bluffs. vintage evening formal wears sales back to 1920s

Learn how to read her moods
When she's down, deliver the goods.

Finally, say “I love you bae”
Let her heart, not her eyes see your colorful display!

©2018 Tijjani M. M.
All Rights Reserved