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Part 3(Pullers)

Later that evening, the pastor's wife explained to her husband that she believed her children were not guilty and would keep praying for God's revelation concerning the matter.

Their son, Joe, a 17 year old who was in tears told his dad that although he passed a paper to Franka that Tuesday evening during the Bible forum, it was nothing short of a note, informing her about the choir practice scheduled to hold later that week. His dad thought it to be a cock and bull story.

After a few days, Pastor Joe was called upon by the head pastor of their province and was placed on discipline that would last a while. It was a tough one for the family. Pastor Joe wondered on how speculations of a note resulted to his getting sanctioned.

Six months later, pastor Joe got relieved of the discipline and got posted to another parish. The growth of the parish seemed like the motion of a tortoise. Unlike the former parish where he pastored which produced branches, this was entirely different. Attendance was low, productivity was stagnant and his hardwork and efforts were not paying off. To compound things, Pastor Joe lost his job.

"Honey, I feel we should embark on a marathon fast. I am not convenient with how things have been going on for the past one year. There seems to be a war raging. We need to pray! First, it was Danny, and now your job, all happening in a flash. I feel a deep impression in my Spirit. Instead of pillars that we once were, we have become pullers in all areas of our lives. Nothing seems to be going on well", the wife petitioned. vintage retro outfits for flower girl

Pastor Joe, feeling downcast in his spirit replied, "I've been praying! There was never a time I stopped praying. My dear, I'm tired. It Seems heaven has closed its door on us".

"You remember that scripture that says, the weapons of our warfare are not carnal? My dear, we just can't relent. I'll begin tomorrow. Let's do this, honey. We can't just give up now," replied his wife.

Years went by and gradually, things began to turn around for the better in Pastor Joe's family. His ministry blossomed as God used him mightily. To top it all, he became a branch manager of a multi-billion naira company and his wife started a sucessful business. Suzzy, the first born, got married to her hearthrob while Jerry, the last born, was doing pretty well at school. Danny's wedding was around the corner.

Not forgetting the gossipers at Church most especially, Cynthia, who had had several abortions and couldn't get away with the last, ended up having twins out of wedlock.


(Mama Cynthia calls mama Bimbo to ask if she was invited to the wedding so they could go together)

Mama Bimbo: No my sister! Dem no invite person o but you know nau, mama Ngozi be my right hand woman so she tell me about am. She say na just Thursday she hear am so I tell her say make we go together.

Mama Cynthia: Nawa o. This pastor Joe sef, e no fit invite we wey be im old time members. I sha must attend o. E be like say dem no give anybody invitation card but as a former Chief member of pastor Joe parish, I don give myself invitation and we go paint the place blue.

Mama Bimbo: (laughs loudly) Bush woman! Na red jare. Who dey paint ceremony with blue? Make we meet for that my junction so that all of us go go together.

(They arrive quite early so as to get a comfortable position to enable them have a proper view of the wedding)

Mama Cynthia: You know the person wey im won marry?

Mama Bimbo: Me no know oo. No be all of us dey here?.

Mama Ngozi: Make Una wait fess na. We go see the girl.

(a voice from the pulpit interrupts) "Shall we all rise as we await the bride's entrance ? "

( All three rise together, focusing on the door to the entrance of the church)

Lo and behold! it was Franka, who looked stunning in a glittering ivory gown. She looked so beautiful in white effortlessly. Her smile radiated through the corner of her lips revealing a set of sparkling teeth and a tiny dimple
playing at the corner of her mouth.

The three women with shocked faces looked at one another expecting to find answers to the many questions running accross their minds. Mama Cynthia finally broke the silence with her strong Warri accent,

"Shuuuuuu, no be Franca be this...???

Mama Ngozi quickly interrupts, "Hmmmn! True true o, Baba God dey fall hand of person wey won cause kasala so e no got fit happen"

Mama Cynthia, who is lost in thoughts mutters faintly, "but this dress make sense for her body o, make i no lie. I wish say na my Cynthia be this"


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