vintage style items with lace decorated for a prom

Good news from the doctor. I didn't break any stitches in my ear and the drainage is a good thing to happen. They put a clog in between my ear and head so my ear would not stick to my head keeping it separated and that was causing it to turn red and look like it was bleeding. The drainage is happening because my skin graft is taking and as the stitches dissolve it has open holes.The good thing is also they have not found anymore cancer in my ear but I will need to have an MRI on my head and neck after we are completely finished with the ear surgery.The bad things are that I have to have a bandage on my ear until December 28th and then the final surgery after the new year to reshape my ear. I wouldn't even wish this painful event on anyone including my worse enemy as I'd rather just shoot them and be done with it because I am merciful.... I also am grateful I can now change my own bandages and actually wash my own hair. It cost me $50.00 just to get my hair washed this week which is insane. I also owe my personal doctor a big thank you for being such a great doctor to know right from the get go that it was cancer and with that he rushed me to the other 3 doctors to take care of it right away. The other 3 doctors are also wonderful. The surgery that I am having in 3 phases ( phase 2 is done ) normally costs $12-$15 k and I am only paying them 1/3 of the cost because they all like me ! To be honest I ridiculed them for the cost and they decided to do it for what I was willing to pay lol. vintage style items with lace decorated for a prom