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It got me. This bloody cold that's been lingering for the past 6 weeks finally hit me. Hard. And on my birthday of all days! I'll admit I've been feeling a little sorry for myself after cancelling all my plans on Monday and sulking off to bed to rest... under strict instructions from my loving hubby!

Since being a health coach, I don't really give myself permission to be sick. I thought it was bad advertising if I wasn't always a shining example of health. But you know what.. ... . I'm human!

This pregnancy continues to teach me how to surrender and let go of the things I cannot control. Between the morning sickness, lack of energy at times and now my immune system feeling more comprised than I can ever remember, I've had to really adjust the high expectations I have of myself to be and do it all.

Slowing down isn't something I usually have the patience for. But now I know it's not just about me anymore... I'm growing a tiny human! And each time this little bubba kicks inside me I'm reminded how grateful I am to be on the verge of motherhood. After all, this time last year I was recovering from a miscarriage. wedding dresses for pregnant brides

So, on that note, I give in. I hear you body. Hit me with all your cold and flu symptoms and I will take care of you and nurture you back to health. I've rescheduled my work, taken time off and given myself permission to say no without guilt.

Sometimes we just need these little roadblocks to help us reprioritise what matters most. Perhaps there's a lesson in this for all of us?

If you're reading this, check in with yourself. Have you had any niggling signs or recurring symptoms? What can you do today to take better care of yourself and bring yourself back into alignment?

With love, Kirsty xx

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