wedding party wears for bridesmaids

Happy 53rd Anniversary to Ed in Heaven! Ed and I dated for 4 years before we got married. Our dating was very rocky. I won't say our relationship was rocky because I always knew we loved each other. Ed had two male cousins that did not like me and they always wanted Ed to break up with me and date someone else. Also, a lot of our break ups were due to my strong moral beliefs and I stood by those beliefs no matter what. We broke up 3 months before we got married. This was the longest break up we had and I really thought this time we would not find our way back to each other. I lost about 30 lbs, could not sleep and walked around in a fog and had a constant ache in my stomach. I really did not think I could make it without him! Then we finally started dating again. Ed said we were either going to get married NOW or go our separate ways for good. He was tired of the on/off stuff.. I was in shock and I really did not know if it would last. But he was dead serious! I would probably would not have ever chosen to get married in December 2 weeks before Christmas, but he was!! Needless to say, my Mother was not happy! She did not trust Ed's feelings and she did not want me hurt again. She would not make my wedding dress but she finally agreed to make the attendant's dresses. I was not sure she was coming to the wedding, but she did. Mother and I had always been so close and this was a very difficult time for us. Every year we were married, Ed would say, well it's one more year than your Mother thought we would make it. They became very close over the years and Ed helped take care of her when she moved in with us. When the doctor wanted to fly Ed to B'ham, his first comment was 'what will Mrs. Griffin do'. Now they are in Heaven together. I miss you so much Ed and I am so glad we took the leap against all odds....and we made it.... wedding party wears for bridesmaids