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Happy Healthy Sunday!

I haven't been posting here about my journey to get back on track. I've been posting to the group support page, and my wellness page. I wanted to share with you all that I was eating like a trash can since crossing the finish line 10/22. Truly. I was eating everything in sight - chips, cookies, breads, pasta, candy to name a few. It was really taking on a life of its own. I was craving sugar and sugary foods for the first time in my life. Everyone says, "menopause." Yeah, yeah, yeah. Maybe that's true, but I'm NOT going to use that as an excuse to let myself go. I decided after Thanksgiving 11/27, to join a Shred10 group and be accountable each day. So much support, and always great recipes posted! It's always easier when you know you're not alone. It has been just what I needed. I have started making my jar salads again, and also overnight oatmeal, to help me during my busy work week. I'm feeling better already. I'm looking forward to doing 12-days of smoothies next! Just a few tools to keep me healthy and strong through the stress of the holiday season. I had the AWARENESS that I was spiraling down into the bottomless cookie jar, and then I took ACTION. If you're interested in the 12-days of smoothies or the 2018 New Year Shred Jumpstart, let me know and we'll chat. Thanks for listening! wedding wears specially designed for full-figure ladies

DAY 7 of my 10-day RESET. I'll have a DOUBLE!

Vanilla Berry Delight:
2-cups vanilla Complete
Approx 2 cups kale
Approx 1 cup frozen fruit & veggie blend
16 oz ripple unsweetened pea protein
1-tbsp coconut oil
1-pack milled Flax (Flax paks)
*Coconut oil and flax, healthy fats your body needs. Keeps me feeling fuller longer! # Shred10 # HealthReset # WholeFood # MoreEnergy # BloatBeGone # StayingFITOver50