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I bring Dianna Elizabeth Manarat aka Cindy to my Fire Brigade Doctor to see, and it was her first Doctor in her wntire Life.Eventually she get a Fire Brigade Medical Health Card.When she was having her First Child, She get the Best of the Best Maternity Mother's Dress from England.The First I did for her is put in a Denture.I never through out the entire (25) Twenty Five Years that she live with me was working for Anybody.She live like a Queen interm of getting everthing she needed for herself.I work so very hard for my Family, that they maybe Comfortable.I buy (2) Cars to run Taxi on the road, that was a disaster from the start.I get a (10) Ten Year US Visas for her and carry her to Foreign to spend (1) One Month.And i did numerous things for her and her Family.I even carry the Mother and Father to Doctor.They have a Jamaican Proverb which goes like this, Sorry fi Maga Dawg, Maga Dawg tun round Bite you.She waited until my Parent was Dead, then she leave my Parents House and told the Children to leave go up to her Father House at Belfield Pen.Then she take out Summons on me for Maintenance of Children and.carry me to Annotto Bay Court when i was Sick.She tell a Lie on me and put me in Jail for (1).One Month.She Steal my Parents (2)Two Land Titles with the Will.She withdrawn all my Money from the Bank. She sold my Car behind my back when i was in Hospital.She even Stole my Mother Wedding Ring.THE FACE OF AN ANGEL BUT THE.HEART A DEVIL. wedding wears with affordable price