what to wear for a middle school prom party

I hope you are all well. I have started a new venture in partnership with the villagers of Nagar, Gilgit Baltistan to bring the best dry fruits of mountainous north to those who crave for healthy, nutritious and delicious diet. what to wear for a middle school prom party

The Food Company is the name and following is our Facebook page;


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Following is the brief product description.

2017 Crop (Gilgit-Baltistan):

-Almonds; organic, carefully selected and hand-peeled. Delicious and nutritious.

-Walnuts; organic, sorted, hand-peeled and air-dried (no exposure to the sun, hence shiny and white nuts). Highly nutritious, recommended for educationists and heart patients. Great value for money.

The following items are available. All are premium quality and fresh.

Pistachio (Irani) = 2250/kg
Dried Fig (Afghani) = 1450/kg

Gilgit-Baltistan Production:
Walnut Girri = 2000/kg
Almond Girri = 1800/kg
Dried Apricots (with seed, unprocessed)= 1250/kg
Dried Apricot (without seed, semi-processed) = 950/kg
Walnut in Shell Kaghzi = 1000/kg
Almond in Shell Kaghzi = 900/kg
Apricot Almond (apricot seed) = 1250/kg
Apricot oil = Rs. 400 per 120 ml
Walnut Oil = Rs. 450 per 120 ml

Cash on Delivery service available in Lahore. Delivery available nationwide.

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